Ivan Aleksandrov is a designer and maker based in New York.

Originally from Moscow, he used to eat babushka’s borsht and ride his bear to school everyday. At 13 he moved to New York, where during high school he used to buy baconeggncheeses for breakfast and dollar pizza slices for dinner. He went to college in Boston, where he was eating a lot of 麻辣香锅 and Budae Jigae. Ivan is really into cooking, studying languages and art history. He also wants to learn more about experiential design, coding, and engineering.

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Website is built by Ivan from scratch.
This is the 5th version of Ivan's portfolio website in the last two years.

Ivan Aleksandrov

Common Language (Installation)

An installation that explore the ways history repeats itself today.

Common Language Thesis Book (Publication)

The world's first book that was put together with a drill.

Modular Benches (Furniture Design)

Conceptual seating arrangement.

Clay Tablets (Typography)

Tracing the evolution of vernacular English language through the prism of history.

Steppe Momma's Milk (Poster)

A dairy-themed exhibition graphic for Slavs and Tatars.

Водка & 米饭 (Packaging)

Educating the West one hit track at a time.

Artscope (Identity)

An upgraded logo and a magazine identity rebrand proposal for Artscope Magazine.

Super Chill Weather Report (Web)

The weather report app that will not stress you out.

Internship Work (Digital, Identity, Print)

A little more than just making coffee.

Two Encounters with Irma Boom (Photography)

Documenting a peculiar coincedence.